capital one routing number

Capital One Routing Number


Capital One that was established in 1988 is a Fortune 500 company. The bank is considered to be the sixth largest bank based on the portfolio of its deposits in the US. Bank’s headquarter is located in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

Capital One Bank offers its customers such services as various credit cards, loans, investment opportunities and lots of other banking products.Those entities who intend to make domestic or international money transfers in this bank, plan to facilitate the sorting, bundling and a shipment of paper checks back to the drawer's account, are required to process Fedwire funds transfers, process direct deposits, bill payments and make other automated transfers must be informed about the correct Capital One routing number to complete these financial operation successfully.

This number is a nine-digit code seen on the bottom left side of the check drawn by this bank. The code determines the bank’s branch where the bank customer’s account was created. Also it is frequently used to make debit payments and payroll direct deposits. On this website you will find the different Capital One routing number for six US states of Connecticut, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, Texas and Virginia.